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7th Biennial Conference of the
International Academy for
Intercultural Research

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The 7th Biennial Conference of the International Academy for Intercultural Research (IAIR) hosted by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Singapore brings together scholars and practitioners from a variety of disciplines in the field of intercultural relations.

The conference theme “Leadership in the Multicultural World” seeks to explore new frontiers in leadership theory, method and practice that are needed to lead our multicultural workplace and society; politically, economically, socially, and culturally.  Submissions of papers, symposiums and posters informing the theme as well as traditional and emergent fields of intercultural relations research are most welcome. It is hoped that this conference will advance our understanding of leadership and intercultural relations to:

a) not only interlock people of different cultural groups (e.g. nationalities, gender, ethnicities) working and living together but also unlock their  human, cultural and social capital.

b) not only nurture cultural ties that bind people together but also shepherd them away from the blindness of their cultural binds.

c) regard cultural differences while simultaneously building on cultural similarities.  

d) preserve cultural identities without preventing cultural fusion.  

Why you should attend?
With the current state that even the countries that are supposedly homogenous are discovering their environment to be multicultural with demographic differences like gender, age, religion, sexual preferences, disability, and so forth, managing such diversities demands knowledge that is quite different than what is known and practiced. This could be one of the most important conferences on this critical issue that you have the opportunity to participate, learn, share, and reflect.  Don’t delay making your plans to come and contribute your thoughts on this critical topic for our age.

Scientific Committee: 
Dr. Vijayan P Munusamy (Center for Creative Leadership) , Committee Chair.
Prof. Colleen Ward (Victoria University, New Zealand) 
Prof. Emeritus Dan Landis (Editor-in-chief, International Journal of Intercultural Relations)
Prof. Dharm P.S. Bhawuk (University of Hawai‘i, USA)
Prof. Jan-Pieter van Oudenhoven (Univ of Groningen, Netherlands) 
Prof. Kenneth Cushner (Kent State University, USA) 

Local Organizing Committee:


Dr. Vijayan P Munusamy (Centre for Creative Leadership)
Dr. Leong Chan-Hoong (Institute of Policy Studies, LKY School of Public Policy, NUS)
Dr. Meena Surie Wilson (Centre for Creative Leadership) 
Dr. Zhao Sophia, (Center for Creative Leadership)
Anand Chandrasekar (Centre for Creative Leadership)

Conference Organizer:
Center for Creative Leadership-APAC Office
#9 Science Park Drive, #03-07/08
The Rutherford Lobby B Singapore Science Park I, Singapore 118261